DxChange is a digital rights management (DRM) system which facilitates the distribution and management of software applications.


DxChange eliminates the gatekeepers who stand between those who create software and those who use it.

Developers may facilitate DRM and get paid for their software without giving a percentage to a middleman or collecting user information.

DxChange Capabilities

  1. Grant anonymous users a perpetual license to software which cannot be copied, in exchange for payment, which may be either crypto currency or fiat currency.
  2. Freedom from the requirement to collect, maintain or protect user information.
  3. Optionally
    1. Allow users to trade access rights to their software applications anonymously in a free market.
    2. Enable communication between users, software developers and DRM system administrators with end to end encryption.


Using DxChange, a software developer may set up a turnkey business to dispense software. When the DxChange server uses crypto currency payment options, there is no need to identify users or deal with the regulatory overhead associated with accepting fiat currency.

Why is DxChange unique?

DxChange enables developers to create and distribute software which cannot be used without their permission.

Why does DxChange matter?

DxChange offers an alternative commerce model that favors independent developers and their customers by cutting out the middlemen.